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Software developer. I enjoy building stuff.

Not long ago I started using Pulumi for deploying the infrastructure for my projects. I’m always trying to automate things as much as possible, and having everything coded in my repo for my projects. …

Developing on bitcoin, we are used to hear that there’s an absolute minimum of satoshis that an UTXO should have in order to be accepted and not considered “dust”. If you google, that value is said to be 546 satoshis.

But that’s actually not a fixed value, but it’s calculated…

A friend of mine is starting to learn how to code, and I thought it could be a good idea for her to practice algorithms by doing some code challenges. When I looked for some code challenge sites to suggest to her, I saw that the “easy” level was not…

I’m working on a project based on Bitcoin-SV. Mainly we are trying to develop more complex bitcoin scripts to expand bitcoin’s usage to other applications that expand beyond just “sending bitcoins”. From this experience I’ve reached to some thoughts that I’m sharing here.

Having scalable contracts

Ethereum contracts allow for way more complex…

I’ve been using Cypress since last year. It’s an end-to-end testing platform, that uses Chrome (and now other browsers) to run its tests, which are developed in nodejs.

What I liked about it:

  • Easy to write test cases using nodejs
  • Single package installation does everything you need
  • You get screenshots…

I’ve read before about Basecamp and its founder story about how to build a company outside the startup mainstream culture of “being the next unicorn”. I really like building web stuff and my goal always was to build a product profitable enough to work on it full time. Most of…

When thinking about search, I always think server side first. Maybe because I’ve been a server side developer most of my life. Or maybe because I’m just old and I still don’t grasp the idea of how many things can be delegated to the browser.

Anyhow, building this product which…

I’ve developed different projects by myself in this 15 years that I’ve been working as a software developer. One thing that I learned is that it may take a very long time for a project to start working (if it does at all), specially if I work at it part…

Some weeks ago I had to build a simple html site with a few pages. I knew about “static site generators”, and not sure why in my mind was Jekyll. I started using it, but it didn’t feel very comfortable, specially because I have more experience as a js developer.

For the last six months I’ve been developing a platform completely serverless using AWS services. One tool that I’m using for the API is aws-serverless-express, which allows you to use express.js together with AWS lambda.

One thing that I couldn’t find was how to correctly use Sentry, the monitoring platform, with this kind of setup. After doing some research and diving into AWS’s code, I arrived to this code:

The important part that you may struggle with if you have been working with AWS serverless express is that you need to specify ‘PROMISE’ as the type of return you want in order to be able to handle errors with Sentry.


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