A curated list of 5 super easy code challenges for absolute beginners

A friend of mine is starting to learn how to code, and I thought it could be a good idea for her to practice algorithms by doing some code challenges. When I looked for some code challenge sites to suggest to her, I saw that the “easy” level was not that easy. So I’ve made her a list of really easy code challenges for total beginners:

This one was super easy, my friend didn’t need any help.

Here my friend started having some difficulties to solve it. I tried suggesting her to do a sum in a paper, and to try to see which process she was doing and how she can replicate that in an algorithm.

Same here, she was having difficulties so I tried helping her with a real world example. I wanted her to realise that in real life, where someone would have told her to check if there were any duplicates in a room full of numbered boxes giving her a pen and paper, she would have an easy way of doing that. So the thing was just trying to really think in that process and translate it to an algorithm.

With this one she was already capable of working on it on her own, write the algorithm and improve it after checking it with some test cases.

This last one is a fun one. I had to do it for some job interview a few years ago, and I must admit, I couldn’t see the answer. In my defence, I was really nervous and it was my first interview in another country, in a third language. Even if for a beginner it may be a little hard, it’s interesting because it’s not really complicated but you just need think about it.

Hopefully this code challenges will put a beginner on the right track.

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